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In centuries past, India was loved and admired for its variety of spices and today it still is.

However, there is much, much more to love, see and remember about India.

India is now one of the most desirable, enjoyable and unforgettable holiday destinations on this glorious earth.

Spice Trails can tailor a tour to fit every budget, time frame and to suit your individual needs. You can travel as individuals or join a pre-planned group tour, fine-tuned by experts.

Stop over on your way to other places or take an Indian destination tour, planned and operated by knowledgeable people.

The Spice Trails team has more than a half century’s experience arranging holidays to India and the rest of the sub-continent. During this time, thousands of delighted travelers have used our services and those of our partners operating in the region. We know the pathways along these trails better than anyone.

Come with us to India and its neighboring countries and discover how to truly Spice Up Your Life. A wonderful experience and memories to last a lifetime is our promise to you. Contact us now and let us show you how it’s done.

Arnold D'Souza

With over 35 years of experience in the travel industry, has been instrumental for the last thirty years with the set-up of successful travel agency operations in Sydney.  Spice Trials was created with an aim to offer clients endless travel opportunities. We specialises in packages unheard and never done before to India and we have tapped into the growing market by setting up a client friendly Spice Trails website to help with your plans for India.

Imre Gomes

During the late 70s Imre created Penthouse Tours, which provided him with extensive knowledge of a plethora of countries, including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Maldive Islands. This helped him and his team assist thousands of tourists navigate through holidays in the sub-continent. The Company was the launch pad for such notable start-ups as World Expeditions, Dive Adventures, Nuiigini Tours and Sheltered Workshops (which arranged holidays worldwide for the intellectually handicapped).

Why Explore the Beauty that is India...

Ancient, Medieval, modern, vibrant India we have it all!!!!

Sophisticated, with cities that have absorbed the best of the world’s cultures and combined them into one of the most vibrant India.

Traveling to places unknown, and meeting new people- life comes a full circle when one packs up and tours. For the uninitiated, exploring the mystifying land of India is equally thrilling.

We are Spice Trails, a company that conducts India tours from Australia at affordable rates, and in the period that you seek. Spices of India are so enticing that it drew travelers and storytellers from near and far. Our endeavours are to take you through the land of great diversity, let you experience the richness in topography, and ethnicity of India.

Why Us and Our Expertise

The founders, Arnold D’ Souza and Imre Gomes have years of experience in the travel and hospitality sector. Both of them have a couple of things in common- their love for traveling, and their admiration and passion for India. Taking this forward, they have put together their experience to showcase India through Spice Trails.  Our specialty lies in:

  • Individual tours
  • Group tours
  • Bespoke tours
  • Affordable Indian holiday packages from Australia
  • Knowledgeable travel guides throughout and more

We take great care of drafting itineraries that are as per your preference. After all, we at Spice Trails aim for your enjoyment and invoke the curiosity in you to travel across the length and breadth of India.